Frequently Asked Questions

As Lawn Care Specialists, we have compiled a list of helpful FAQs and answers about our services:

My lawn is all weeds and moss; is it worth treating it as there will be nothing left if you do?
Most lawns no matter how bad they are can at least be improved but we will be happy to come out and let you know if it can be improved or not.

Will you be able to repair my lawn mower, mow my lawn and carry out other gardening work for me?
We would like to be able to help but we take a lot of pride in our work and prefer to stick to what we are qualified to do and have experience in and leave this kind of work to those who are qualified or have more experience.

Can you give me advice about mowing and lawn mowers?
Yes we will be happy to give you the correct advice on this as part of the service.

Are you licensed to treat my lawn?
Yes we are National Proficiency Training Council (NPTC) licensed.

Do I need to water the lawn after you have treated it?
No, you do not need to water the lawn following the treatment as the products used do not require any “watering in”.

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Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Service covers Runcorn and the surrounding areas including Runcorn, Widnes, Frodsham, Helsby, Warrington & Northwich. Lawnsavers objectives are to provide a professional, local, reliable, affordable lawn treatment service with all treatments carried out by father and son team Mark & Leon Roberts.

Mark is one of the most experienced lawn treatment specialists in the UK, who has been treating lawns since 1994.

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