Fusarium Patch


Fusarium Patch

Fusarium Patch is a turf disease caused by the michrodochium nivale fungus. Fusarium is visible as patches of yellow/brown, sometimes white or pink mould that may look like cobwebs or cotton wool and can be present usually in the morning on the area affected. It is sometimes described as cotton-wool or cobwebs.

If you place a small black plastic sheet on a suspected patch overnight and in the morning the mould can be seen, then this is Fusarium. Fusarium is usually an autumn or winter disease but can appear at other times of the year.

Fusarium can develop overnight. Other factors that can encourage fusarium are shade, damp, lack of air movement, low light (possibly due to cloud cover or slow clearing mist in the morning) and higher than normal Autumn/Winter night temperatures.

Fusarium is caused by mild Autumn or Winters and damp unhealthy lawns are more susceptible but the feeds that Lawnsavers Lawn Treatment Services apply, Hollow Tine Aeration, Scarification (if Thatch or Moss are present), together with the advice we give about mowing, watering and other advice will all help to promote a healthy lawn and make the lawn less susceptible to attack. However, the main cause of Fusarium is weather conditions.

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